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Time Capsule
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Description: Inside a 1948 Pontiac Silver Streak rotting away behind this crumbling wooden home. Cynar Bottled water dating back to the 60's by a company from Etobicoke Ontario. I had no idea Bottled water existed that far back.

Heres another view of the Vehicle from 2 years ago.
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Keywords: Abandoned, Vehicle, Bottles, Decay, Rust, Wheel, Dashboard, Spedometer, Junk
Rating: 4.00 (2 Vote(s))
| Rating: 4.00 (2 Vote(s) )
Added by: sigma
Date: 06.12.2005 23:26

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Join Date: 23.11.2005
Comments: 19

I find this picture funny.
It looks like the person who was driving this car was eating some pink insulation, his friends probably tricked them into it, telling them it was cotton candy. Then the dude realized it was sticking to his wheel, and his throat. So he started to cough. When he started to spit up blood from the fibre glass tearing apart his inards, he swerved off the road, and slammed into a tree. After he died, his friends came by later and put the bottled water in the car so it looked like he was drunk. Because water makes crazy people drunk. So the moral of the story is don't tell your friends fibre glass is cotton candy. It's just fucking rude.
07.12.2005 09:48 Offline Canada coop cooperanimation at hotmail.com


this is great. I especially like the snow coming in from the broken windshield. there is a certain purple colour cast to this photo and the last one, I would have colour corrected it. it might be your camera's white balance.
07.12.2005 11:22   Canada


Join Date: 20.06.2004
Comments: 227
Your Right

Im thinking theres something with my monitor at home. I come to work and see too much Red. I will fix.

Fixed! thanks for the tip.
07.12.2005 11:27 Offline Canada sigma gallery at cydonian.com http://cydonian.com

Love it

I can imagine the pride of the first owner of this car, beaming at the shiny modern dashboard. Time marches on and it becomes a outdated beater. The car eventually outlives it's owners and waits for a wrecking yard.

And you turn it into it's one of it's last uses - art!

Thanks for showing it to us.
08.12.2005 08:45   Canada